Pen to Paper

Today, three of my four kids are sick and I’m just getting over being sick. Perfect time to decide to finally pick up a pen and write. Jacob, my 5 year old son is snoring next to me. He has surrendered to the 101.2 fever and decided to finally sleep it off. His red-with-fever cheeks make me just want to snuggle with him some more. Why is it he’s so stinkin’ cute when he’s sleeping and sick?

I feel foggy today….like I’m in a haze. So, why start a blog when cold medicine is still running through my veins? For some reason, the stillness of yesterday and being tied to my king-sized bed seemed to stir in me a sense of urgency.

I need to start this project, but it all seems overwhelming.

Cue the “inner dialog of attacks”: “Why do this? No one will read it. It doesn’t matter anyways. You are so dumb for writing a blog; you know you never finish what you start…you don’t even finish a shampoo bottle before moving onto a new one. What makes you think you’ll see this through?”

My demons are harsh. They really beat me up, but sometimes verbalizing them can “shoo” them away. I also pray (OFTEN) to have God help me “flick” them off my shoulder. They are discouraging and their goal is to tear me down.

So post #1 is happening right now to at least get the ball going. (take that, “inner dialog of attacks”!)

“Show me how you work, God;
School me in your ways,
Take me by the hand;
Let me down the path of truth.”
Psalm 25:4-5

I’m clumsily trying to follow the path God wants me on, praying He will continue to “take me by the hand” and lead me. So far, He hasn’t let me down.

Following the path,


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