Grace on a cake

As a side business, I run a home bakery. It has been pretty successful, if you squint really hard at the financial statements. The relationship and meeting of people have been where the success has happened. In the area of actually making money…eh, not as much success. But such is, and I am constantly amazed at the orders that keep rolling in on a weekly basis. I put a lot of love and time into each order and each cake. I take quite a bit of time talking to, answering emails personally, countless Facebook messages, decorating research, etc, to my customers. I treat them like friends. Maybe this isn’t the way to run a business, but I’ve claimed no past business experience, and well, the only “employees” I have are my four kitchen “taste testers.”

In October, I met a sweet girl about my age who was interested in ordering a wedding cake from me. She ordered two sample cakes and I delivered them to her house. She didn’t live that far from me, but I remember on the drive over I felt a “God nudge” to pray for our conversation. Mind you, this is not something I just naturally do. Yeah, yeah, I know I should, but I forget, or think it doesn’t really matter. This was a definite God moment. So I prayed. I really wasn’t sure what to actually pray for, but I asked Him to guide our conversation.

I pulled up to her house and delivered the cake. We ended up talking on her front porch for about an hour! Life, kids, marriage, house…that then led into church, the Bible and her relationship with God. I left her house incredibly encouraged.

Over the next few weeks, we would meet to discuss her cake needs and conversation about life, kids, marriage, and God would just explode. I really enjoyed talking to her, and often forgot why we actually were meeting in the first place.

Two weeks ago, I got a message from her stating the wedding was cancelled. I quickly called her to see what happened. Her reasons were heartbreaking. As she talked, my eyes filled up with tears, not because I was loosing a cake order, but because I was genuinely hurting for her. I wanted to reach through the phone and hug her. Completely forgetting that I was her “cake person,” I asked her if there was anything I could do for her. She asked for prayers. I said “of course” and we hung up the phone.

Even though the wedding was cancelled, I kept her order sheet in my cake binder as my reminder to pray for her. The wedding date is approaching, and my heart hurts for her. The wedding dress that will stay in her closet; the cake that will not be cut; the event hall that will remain empty….the marriage between two people that will not happen….all because of broken promises and a sinful world.

I’m sure getting emotional over a “business transaction” is not the way most businesses run, but I can’t help to get a tad emotionally tied to the stories I hear, and the events I’m asked to be a part of. Each cake order, to me, is a chance to spread more than a few sprinkles all over the city—it’s a chance to spread joy, comfort, and a smile to people who just happen to need a cake.

It’s more than just buttercream to me. At the moment, it’s my mission field.

Following the path,

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