Learning to trust

A new year is coming and I’m looking forward to what exciting things 2015 will bring. The truth is, I have no idea what is in store. But the excitement about the possibilities makes my heart beat little faster and flutter with glee. I sort-of feel like a little 6-year-old on Christmas Eve, waiting to see what Santa brought her. My family and I are in for an adventure. I can just feel it!

I’m, of course, assuming this new year will bring only positive lessons, though….of course, naturally. Sitting here on the floor in my closet on December 28th, quietly with my tablet, water bottle, and surrounded by the stillness, 2015 will only be grand and great. I’m trying to take the positive course. After a year like 2014 that brought on challenges and life lessons, I’m prepared; I’m educated; I’m ready….it’s only going to be awesome from here on out.

But that’s not really reality.

I’m not trying to be a “Debbie Downer” here, but there will be new challenges and new hurdles in 2015. I have no idea what is in store. God is steering my boat, and the more I try to guess where He’s leading me, the more He shows me I’m not there yet. I haven’t “arrived” at the destination He is pointing me toward. I have to trust Him that He will lead me through the quiet, still waters and also guide me through the rough storms.

I found this little verse a few weeks ago: “For the Lord will go before you, and He will be your rear guard.” Isaiah 52:12.

Basically, I took it like this: (God speaking to me) “Hey Kelly, I got your back, yo. I will lead you where your supposed to go, and I’ll also watch ya back for the ninjas…or whatever bad/scary stuff that sneaks up behind you. Trust me.”

Whew! Trusting is HARD! But knowing that wherever I walk, God will not only lead me along the path but He will also watch me from behind! Talk about a body-guard! (No, not like the Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner duo….)

It’s comforting to know there were some people who had to trust and follow….the Disciples. Mark 1:17, “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

I love reading the story of Jesus calling His disciples. The almost seemingly blind trust that these fishermen give to Jesus. They didn’t have any stories about Jesus to read and learn from. They didn’t have the Bible to read and study. They had to just trust Jesus….have complete faith….to just drop their nets and follow Him.

I think 2015 will be a year of learning to trust Him and His leading. I need to listen more to the “God nudges” and trust that He’s got my back if a storm (or super bad villain) comes onto my path.

Following the path,

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