2015 Resolutions

Happy New Year!!!!

Now time for me to only eat spinach-coconut water smoothies and do an hour of cardio 7 days a week.

Hmmm…and what else:
1. Stop smoking (Check!)
2. Stop drinking (Check!)
3. Stop cussing (hmm….sometimes life calls for one or two choice words. I’ll call it a “work in progress”)
4. Only spend money on days ending in “Y” (double check!!)

I don’t do New Years resolutions. The way I figured it is why wait until the New Year to start or stop something. If I made a resolution to stop eating cupcakes…for example ONLY; this is not a real resolution I intend to keep… I would binge on cupcakes up into the wee hours of December 31st, but as soon as that ball would drop *BAM!* put down the cupcake, girl!

I may be “good” for about a week, but then that dreaded time in every girls life when the sweet nothings start calling to her from the far off places called “the back of the pantry” or “the candy aisle” or (my personal fav) “the cookie dough package.”

Hormones do a number on a girl’s will power. “Must.Stay.Away. The dreaded cupcakes and chocolate make my waist implode to enormous proportions. Warning! I feel so weak!”

But give any girl a change in hormone status and she becomes like a Zombie moaning after the only thing that will cure her fix “chocolate….moan….”

So, game changer this year. I’m going to post some New Years resolutions, if you want to call them that. I may just call them:

January 1st decisions I decided to make impulsively that I may or may not intend to keep.

1. Never eat a cupcake while battling seasonal allergies: Yesterday I decided to try a new red velvet recipe. (*Hmm MISTAKE!*) There is absolutely nothing wrong with my previous red velvet recipe. In fact, it’s been served, and had positive responses, several times. But I get bored really easily. I can’t let the wheel be a wheel. I have got to reinvent it 20 times, just because. There may be absolutely nothing wrong with it, but I gotta change it, because I’m just that type of person.

Anyways, red velvet cupcakes. I made them, and tried them. They tasted great to me. Mind you, my nose is plugged up because of seasonal allergies. Obviously, this is affecting my taste testing abilities. Cupcakes cooled and decorated, and I decide to feed them to my two littlest “cake testers.” I got two “yum, mommy” ‘s . Okay, score!

Then I feed them to my two oldest “cake testers.” Not so much. In fact, as I stand there watching them eat it, my eyes giving them the best “do you love it?” face, they have the audacity to get up from their chair, half eaten cupcake in hand and head straight to the trash can. Seriously, they weren’t THAT bad!

My 9-year-old turns to me and said oh so honestly, “Mom, those were gross.”

Wow. Let down. When I tried them they were fine and the boys ate them. Of course, the boys eat their own boogers willingly and think they taste great. Whatever, I “pay” my “testers” in free goodies and expect an honest response….what do they know!

So, I decided to take the decorated cupcakes to the New Years party. Yeah, I pretty much got the same honest response as my girls gave me. To think if I had actually believed and listened to them, I could have saved 10 people from bad tasting wasted calories. Jeez, sorry guys. But at least I know the recipe sucks.

AND, I learned a valuable lesson that leads me to resolution #2…

2. Make lots of bold mistakes: Just as in the cupcake lesson, I wouldn’t have known that my red velvet recipe was really the best I could do if I didn’t try (and fail!) at another one.

Mistakes aren’t bad to make. I have no idea where we get off as humans thinking that only perfection is what we need to strive for. Mistakes are what make us better and how we react to our mistakes, gives us more knowledge for the future.

My bumper sticker for life: “Yeah, I made mistakes, but life doesn’t come with instructions.”

Another great one: “Your best teacher is your last mistake.”

You can beat your last dollar that I will not be making those red velvet cupcakes again. But I can’t promise I won’t try with another recipe. The next recipe may be a flop too, but I can never improve if I don’t try again.

3. Let the kids watch more TV and play more video games: Usually the opposite is what the resolution is, right? My kids probably watch more TV than they should, and probably play more video games than they should. I agree it’s probably stunting their imagination growth and they’ll have to eat more carrots to make up for their vision loss. But sometimes the peace that comes from sitting down to chill and watch a movie is completely priceless.

I’m not saying the TV or Playstation will be my new babysitter for my kids, but there are times that the quiet those things bring….just makes my head feel better. I have four kids and our house gets very loud at times. Somedays I feel like I need ear plugs. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my children and love spending time with them, but there are moments I need some personal space and quiet.

In 2015, I vow not to inflict on myself “false guilt” about letting my children watch a movie or play video games. They will survive to adulthood, and I expect them to be very capable members of society. When they have children, they will understand the need for occasional technology induced quiet. Although by then, they may have robot nannies, or something like that.

Happy New Year!
Following the path,

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