A day for much needed REST!

After a day like yesterday…I was done. Quit. Retired. Sell the farm….give up!

This about the 4th time this week that I have wanted to quit. Sell everything, pack up my family, and move to a remote tropical Island. Maybe I’m just plain wimpy and whiny. Bring on in the symphony of strings and let’s play some music to back my story up….

The truth is, yesterday wasn’t that bad of a day–it was just a demanding day. My phone went off about 40 times…calls, texts, emails, facebook notifications, blah blah….it got to be an annoyance and I should’ve turned it off. It was a total distraction. But I let it get the better of me. I answered all the calls, emails, facebook notifications, blah, blah. I let IT rule me and control me, and I paid the price. I was frustrated!

So today, I drew a line in the sand, took it by the reigns and declared it “my social-media free day.” (blogging, of course doesn’t count)

I kind of had a brief moment of feeling bad for ignoring my phone today. But then I reminded myself that it’s perfectly okay to
#1 have boundaries
#2 have a day of rest

Even Jesus took time away from His disciples to rest, and God rested on the 7th day of creation…So excuses aside; today I’m ignoring my phone and all activities on the phone!


Since my phone is out-of-use today, I decided to focus on other things…other projects. Freelance writing keeps coming across my brain, to which I quickly dismiss it with 1,235 excuses why I couldn’t possibly ever consider it. I’m also too busy to even give it a 2nd thought…40 calls, texts, facebook messages, kids, laundry, scrubbing the grout…..You know the list!

I had a friend recently tell me that I should pursue “this writing thing.”….add that to the 38 other people who have told me the same thing countless times—I’m starting to maybe get the hint I need to write.

Excuses…..self doubt….creep in. The truth is, I really have no idea where to even start….and again the 1,235 excuses that get in my way.

Today in a half-hearted effort, I decided to look up some writing competitions….which then led to me to a website FULL of links to freelance writing jobs. I started exploring some and was amazed at, yes, how difficult and competitive it is, but also just how many opportunities there are out there for freelance writers.


I have no idea where this is going, but it’s got the wheels spinning in my noggin’.

Following the path,

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