Cave Dwelling University….a dank place.

I’m in the middle of reading this amazing book by Matthew Barnett called “Misfits Welcome.” It’s such a hard book to read — so much of it speaks directly to my heart! — I have to take it in, in small doses.

One Bible verse that came up today in the book was 1 Samuel  30:6: “But David found strength in the Lord.”

I think my favorite part about this verse is the “but.”….BUT I’ll get to that in a minute. 🙂

Time for a back story….

David kills Goliath, is anointed King, and then gets chased around by crazy King Saul —who wants to kill him. King Saul is a classic case of “jealousy gone bad.” The bitter root that springs up in Saul’s heart creates a whole string of messes.

In light of this mad-man King Saul, David decides to run to a cave to hide from him. Along with David in the cave, are his brothers and what the Bible calls “bitter men.” Hmmm….this doesn’t sound like a group of people too encouraging…

So, here’s David, who was already anointed as King, probably overwhelmed with joy, excitement, and anticipation for his new job…..hiding out in a cave surrounded by bitter men and his brothers.

Ah, THIS is where the “BUT” comes in……David being man-hunted by King Saul, hiding out in a dark and danky cave: “BUT David found strength in the Lord.”

David had to rely on God and His almighty power and perfect timing on his future. We see later in David’s life how God used this “cave time” to mold and produce in David the character and leader God wanted Him to become. God was maybe schooling him in “Godly Character Building”??

“Cave Dwelling” is not the University I would’ve liked to have graduated from. I doubt the cave even had amenities! But David learned during this time to encourage himself THROUGH God; as opposed to what people thought of him.

God was his strength….The “cave time” for David could’ve been used for bitter or better, BUT he flipped his bad circumstance around and praised God in his time of hiding out.

“Don’t praise God for what you can see; praise Him for being God!” (Barnett)

He is preparing us! Perservere!

Following the path,

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