I’m leaving on a jet plane


God is amazing! I’m just sayin’….

He is the great organizer of details, even before we know that they need to be organized.

He knows what will happen. He has it all planned out. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declare the Lord.”

When I reflect back to October, I am blown away at the “God dots” that have connected between then and now. There is only one explanation for it: It was God’s design.

In October, my elementary best friend….whom I hadn’t really had much contact with except through the Facebook newsfeed….announced that she and her friend Carey would be opening registration for a women’s retreat in Arizona, in April. For some strange reason, when that went across my Facebook newsfeed, I felt the nudge to register and go.

My response to this crazy thought: “Fly all the way to Arizona to go to a woman’s retreat? That’s nuts! Me. Busy mom of 4, who can barely escape to the bathroom by myself, go all the way to Arizona!? No way!”

I presented this slightly insane idea to my Friday morning women’s Bible Study group. Their response: “You should go!”

WHAT? …..they were supposed to say “you’re crazy!” Not encourage my whims. 😉

At this point, I brought my husband into my wild imagination. Surely, he would be the voice of reason.

Nope. 🙂 Thankfully, I married an extremely supportive husband who takes my “gut feelings” and “fluttery heart” very seriously. (Have I mentioned how much I love him!?)

His response to the idea to fly to Arizona for a weekend: “You should go!”

This retreat, that just happened to come across my Facebook newsfeed, became a reality and I was the second person to sign up for the weekend.

Little did I know what would happen over the next few months for Ginger, my new friend Carey (whom I can’t wait to meet in person soon!), and WithJoy Retreats.

Last Friday, I received a phone call from Ginger and she quickly explaned to me that due to some unfortunate events, that the retreat was in need of a new worship leader. She asked if I would be willing to lead worship that weekend.

My favorite part about my phone call with Ginger was when she was shared with me how they didn’t know how they would replace the worship leader on such short notice. She had seen (on her own Facebook newsfeed….) that I was leading worship at my church.

So she prayed.

God is the peace to the unplanned. Nothing takes Him by surprise. He is never off duty, or scrambling at the last-minute to fix something broken.

It’s His path. It’s all in His plan.

I love how God pulls together pieces in the most perfect way.

All this to say, God is amazing in His coordination and I am very honored be able to lead this group of ladies in worship at the retreat in April.

And as for the blog “facelift”…..my prayer is that this technology outlet will become a connecting point to the people I will be serving…a way to reach further than Texas. Who knows….maybe all the way to Arizona!

Following the path,

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