Every Good and Perfect Gift

1429560554698Our youngest two are twins. Two boys, Jacob and Logan, that have been contributing their pure energy to our life since 2009. They will be SIX in just a few days. Wait. What? Where did the time go? I swear since they were born, time has sped up. I guess it’s part of the deal of having four with very busy schedules!

A few weeks ago, I asked Jacob what he wanted for his birthday. He was very clear, and specific about his response. He wants a pick-ax, a saw, and a mower. He told me he doesn’t want the “fake stuff”; but he wants the REAL stuff.

This week, I read James 1:17 that says “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father.” I love the way The Message version states this: “The gifts are rivers of lights cascading down from the Father of Light.” Beautiful imagery!

God wants to give us gifts…perfect gifts…but just as a parents give gifts to a child— there is a level of responsibility and “is this the right gift” that comes into play.

To make Jacob happy, and give him what he wants, am I really going to head to Home Depot to buy these dangerous things for my 6 year old? NO!

Why? Obviously they are not appropriate gifts for him and if I gave them to him I’d have to forfeit my “Mom-of-the-Year Award.” — No, seriously, I love Jacob very deeply. A love so deep that I would never give him something that would potentially hurt him or that me and his dad didn’t feel he was mature enough to handle.

We’ve all been there and witnessed this: child…maybe 3 years old, is screaming, in public! The parents are horrified and embarrassed. Their faces say it all. The kid wants; asks, and get the answer “no.” Flustered the parents have 3 choices:
1. Ignore the screaming child and keep shopping
2. Leave the store
3. Give in and give the child what they want.

I have to admit—with 4 kids—we have had our fair share of mid-shopping temper-tantrums, AAAAND I haven’t always reacted the best way. Sometimes I do—especially if what they are asking for is unsafe.

Like the time 2 year old Hannah threw an absolute fit at the bottom of an escalator at a mall, because I wouldn’t let her go up the up! Sorry—wasn’t happening! Being a fairly new mom, not sure how to coral her, along with dealing with her 6 month old sister happily sitting in her stroller.

Embarrassed, I had the fleeting thought of “mmmm…is this really that dangerous?” Followed by “maybe if I walk over here, no one will realize I AM the mom with the outa-control child….jeez, would someone–anyone—come get this child under control!”

The truth is, Hannah is my child whom I love very deeply, as well. Where I have a great understanding to her wants, I couldn’t give it to her because I would not want for her to get hurt. Her care is my responsibility as a parent.

So our Father in heaven does. Even though we don’t realize something would harm us– we ask. We may even throw a temper-tantrum when we don’t get what we want.

God listens to us. He hears our prayers and our requests. “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, He hears us.” (1 John 5:14)

Our requests may have perfectly valid reasons. In the case of Jacob….he wanted a mower so he could help his Dad mow the lawn. Very noble and responsible of him. He sees a chore, and wants to help get it done. BUT should he get it? Um, no.

He will not be getting a mower for his 6th birthday, but his Dad and I will not withhold gifts from him, just because he asked for something not age appropriate. He will be getting —um, —-something for his birthday. (Haven’t totally figured it out yet…) but it’ll be a 6 year old type of gift.

Any ideas???

Following the path,

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