Summertime Blues

cookieMy kids have been off school for the past 2 months, and balancing jobs and kids had been quite a change. Working from home, I now have 4 extra people to navigate around in my workspace.

They are a very important part of my job as a mom, but I do have things that are increasingly difficult to do with 8 extra hands.

As I’m writing this, my oldest is redecorating my living room with a homemade office supply-type garland. Colored paperclips and rubber bands are stringing across the mantle and she has orchestrated this odd assembly line with my twins to get the decorating job done. My walls will never be the same. Tiny holes are being punch into the once-nicely-painted drywall to hang her creation. A part of me wants to care, but hey, holes can be fixed and at the moment they are peacefully getting along, and creating something together.

Our four kids are incredibly important to us, and I am grateful for all our adventures and trips to the pool this summer, but sometimes this momma needs some downtime. Right before school ended I saw a blog article circulate around Facebook titled “100-things to do around Austin this summer with your kids.” I laughed every time I saw it come across my newsfeed. Good intentions, but seriously 100 things?!? I’ve got a lot of extra energy, ask my hubs… but basically that would be 2 things to do every day of the week for the ENITRE summer.. *sigh* I’m tired just thinking about that summer schedule!

I am extremely thankful for a husband who supports me being a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom. I have a business to run, as well as other things that keep getting pushed to the back-burner, because kids come before it all. Summer is my excuse to procrastinate! :)…..somewhat…..

In the meantime, before the silent moment is past, rubber bands are the play thing of choice for this steamy hot afternoon inside. Medium sized colored rubber bands have been successfully strung half the distance around my living room.
I look up from my computer desk, take off my headphones to listen for squeals of happiness or the rants of a brewing argument among my “four littles.” Peace still exists among them. I know this moment won’t last. Summer is coming to an end, and the house will be quiet during the day. While they are busily working away at their new school desks, the house will be still. No echos of laughter through the house hallways during daytime hours. Nor screams of “she took my favorite shirt,” or frustrated slamming of doors.

No, the house will be silenced, and my work goes back to a solo act. Paper clip garlands will be replaced by spelling test lists, and rubber band decorations will be set aside for math homework. Just as it was an adjustment to having them home all day, every day at the beginning of the summer, so it will be an adjustment having them gone everyday all day when school starts this year.

So, cheers everyone to the new school year! May it be a time of refreshment, reflection, and maybe some new quiet moments.

Following the path,


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