The Dance

Proverbs 910Have you ever started a project or tried to do something different and then stopped because fear, insecurity, or doubt crept in? Don’t let thoughts and feelings rule, or become barriers to what God is planning for you….for His path. Instead, let the hard times become opportunities to grow and learn.

God’s will is already done. He already has a plan for you and you are living in it. If He didn’t want you there or was ready to move you, He would. He always finds a way for you and a place for you. He leads you; He leads the dance of life.

The question becomes, are we letting Him do the leading?

Think about a dance. As a female, there have been many opportunities to dance with various partners. Some partners were strong in the direction of where we were heading on the dance floor as a pair. Some were weak in direction. In the instance where the partner was weak in leading, I struggled to follow. I fought the constant pull to take the dance in my control and just start leading him around the floor. I didn’t fully trust my dance partner. In this struggle for who was leading, we usually would end up tripping over each other. It was awkward. His lack of confidence in leading the dance left me feeling vulnerable and afraid. It was nothing short of a small dance floor disaster.

A strong dance partner creates harmony among the pair. There is a trust that forms and the direction is clear. I remember back to one of my first date’s with the man who eventually became my husband. We had only been on one date and we didn’t know each other very well, but I liked him, and there was an obvious mutual attraction to each other. Some of his friends wanted to go dancing at this country dance place. He invited me to come with him. He was a city boy fresh from the snowy mountains of Colorado, and he was asking me, the Texas born girl,  to go Texas two-steppin’ with him.

As I was getting ready for evening, I thought our budding relationship was going to end that night. I assumed his birthplace would be a forewarning of his two-stepping abilities. We arrived at the club and he wasted no time as he held out his hand wanting to whip me across the wooden dance floor. I have no idea what country song was playing when we danced that first song, but what I do remember is being caught by surprise on how confident he was leading me around the floor. His hand around my waist, we danced most of the night. My uneasiness in my own two-stepping abilities was eased by the confidence of my partner. I could trust him to lead me and not make a fool out of me by tripping over each others boots.

How well do we trust God as our dance partner for life? How well do we trust that He is going to be a strong leader and lead us with confidence? Will our relationship with God become a power struggle of who is in control, who is leading, and eventually end up tripping over each others boots?

Psalms 9:9 says that God will be “a stronghold in times of trouble,” and that we should “commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it.” (Psalms 37:5) We can trust God with our lives, and we can trust that He will have the best plans….His plans….laid out for us.
Try letting Him doing the leading. 🙂

Following the path,


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