Where do you find help?

Psalm 30.2

“Lord, My God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.” Psalm 26:2

God doesn’t just help, God heals.

When we ask God for help with our problems, He heals them.

Sometimes our problems seem too big. We want answers to help cure what is directly in front of us. But God steps in and heals and restores.

He doesn’t just stick a Band-Aid over the situation, He actually takes it away.

He heals not only the wound, but the scar left behind.

Just as Jesus healed the blind, mute, and lame, He can heal our hurts, scars, wounds, and pain.

Just as Jesus raised people from the dead, He raises us up to stand whole with Him.

He’s not just a helper standing at our side, while we wander through life.

He IS the Healer of our life.

Following the path,


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