God Finds a Way Through Our Mess!


1-3-16 Quote

This school year, I am teaching in two-days-a-week in the preschool at our church. Even though the stories are on a preschool level, I am amazed at how much I’ve personally learned by teaching the lessons in a simple way. A few weeks ago, I taught the story of Jonah and noticed something in the story I’ve never noticed before:

In the story, Jonah is running away from God. He boards a boat, full of sailors who don’t know God, going in the opposite direction as God is calling Him. A storm comes up, the sailors and Jonah try to figure out who’s fault it is that they are about to be shipwrecked in the storm, and it falls on Jonah. The sailors then throw Jonah into the sea, and suddenly the storm stops…..

“The sailors were impressed, no longer terrified by the sea, but in awe of God. They worshiped God, offered a sacrifice, and made vows.” (Jonah 1:16)

Even in our clumsy actions, and horrible attitude, God still finds a way to work through us for His mission. God works in our lives and through us when He deems it. The sailors on the boat that day didn’t know God, but through Jonah’s missteps and God stepping in, in a big way, the sailors trusted in God.

Although we may not think that we are making a difference, it is only through God’s work through us that God makes a difference. His work is done through us. It is only through God that barriers are brought down. It is the Holy Spirit that does the work in people’s life and changes the heart of a person. We merely point the way to God, and they come to Him.

It is never about us, but always about Him.

The sailors were no longer terrified of the sea, but in awe of God. Meaning, the sailors realized who was in control of waves and sea. They weren’t scared anymore, because they knew who was really in control of their situation. Their response to not being terrified anymore was worship.

Worship is a response of what God is doing in our hearts. The sailors recognized God as the controller of the seas, they worshiped Him because they were in awe of Him and His power. God showed up, even if Jonah didn’t do what He was supposed to.

God is God, and God will be God regardless of what we do or what mistakes we think we make. Trust God to work through every situation in your life. Good and bad! God can work through the bad as much as He works through the good. He is in control of everything.

It is HIStory!

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