Lukewater Leader?


Are you serving under a Lukewarm Leader?

When “status quo” becomes the new hipster trend…

When singing “set a fire down in my soul” barely brings the water to a weak simmer…

When the Sunday worship time becomes more like a robotic Christian top 10 countdown….

…there may be a need for a prayerful revival, revamp, and refocus on what God’s will is for the music ministry.

The team will only rise to the level of the leader. If the leader is lukewarm, and mentally checked out, it travels through the whole team. This can produce a dangerous side effect, as the attitude of the leader can be reflected throughout the whole team.

Here are a few things that you can do if you find yourself under a “lukewarm leader”:

1. Press on! Serving under a lukewarm leader doesn’t mean that you have to stop living out your life, passionately serving God. Romans 12:11 encourages us to keep “your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” Be hopeful and trust in what God can accomplish through your obedience.

When Sunday worship is done; then begins the worship of the week, your personal worship. Private worship is your one-on-one time, getting to know your Father in heaven. (Matthew 6:6) Focus on your relationship with Jesus to encourage you through this season under a Lukewarm Leader.

Run the race God is calling you to, regardless of what your leader is doing or not doing. (Philippians 3:14) At some point, God may call you to another place, under a different leader.

People and places can change rapidly and constantly. Continue to seek God’s will for your life. Keep moving forward with what God has called you to do.

2. Don’t Fight! This is not a fist fight against each other. We are all brothers and sisters in and through Christ. We need to remember that the battle isn’t between the members of the worship team. Every time we step up to lead worship, it’s on the front lines of a serious spiritual battlefield.

Our weapon as Christians is to pray! (2 Corinthians 10:4) It may sound simple, but pray for the lukewarm leader. He or she may have things going on outside of the four walls of the church that you may not know about.

Take your concerns about your Lukewarm Leader to God, and let Him change the heart of the leader. Complaining or being frustrated with your leader won’t ignite a new fire for ministry in him or her. It may only make the problem worse and drive a wedge between you and the leader.

Lay it all down in prayer before God. Let Him work it out for His glory.

3. Patience! Practicing patience with one another is difficult, especially if we are excited to share our faith through worship.

Serving under a Lukewarm Leader can be a let-down of emotion. It is easy to become discouraged.

Patience is more about our attitude while we wait, than our actual waiting.

Don’t become tired of doing the good of serving and continue “to do good to all people,” by sharing your gifts and talents with the church. (Galatians 6:10)

Wait patiently on your lukewarm leader, and be gentle during this season. God is working in their life as much as He is working in yours.

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