The Right Season


We all go through different seasons, and God will bring us through each season in His timing. No season happens without God allowing it. There is a time for everything. (Ecc1.3)

God sets the season, and He sets the time for each season. Seasons can be good or bad; difficult or easy, be closer to the Controller of the seasons rather than the actual season itself.

Everything that happens on earth, God directs. For a season, He creates beautiful flowering or fruit-filled trees. But God, in His perfect wisdom, also creates time for the leaves to fall off and offers the tree a period of rest.

Each of us was created for a purpose, ON purpose, to complete work God laid out for us to do. (Phil1.6)

Don’t let the season define who you are in Christ. A season is for a period of time, not our identity. We can allow the season to help change us for the next.

Each season has a purpose to shape our uniqueness as worshipers. The music we play and melodies we sing should reflect our joy found in what Christ completed on the cross.

Just as we have seasons, while Jesus was on earth, He lives through seasons. Paul writes in Romans 5.6 that “at just the right time…Christ died for the ungodly.” Just as God directs our steps and timing for everything, He directed Christ’s steps.

We can read the prayer that Jesus prayed the night before he died.  “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me…not my will, but yours be done.” (Luke 22.42)

Jesus was agony over what he knew was his coming season. Luke describes that Jesus prayed more “earnestly, and “his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground.” (Luke 22.44)

But Jesus’ obedience to His Father overshadowed his own will. He trusted that His Father would be with him through this next season of pain and suffering.

Our worship to God should not hinge on what season we are walking through at the moment. God faithfulness towards us is constant and never changing.

Worship through the season. Through the seasons of struggle, pour out your heart to the Lord! Through the seasons of joy, sing praises and rejoice for what He has done in your life.

Just like the promises of spring blooms, God can revive and change the dormant. He alone can revive the stagnant heart, and breathe life into us.

Through His power, He can bring us out of hibernation into a fully alive, fruit bearing tree.

Following the Path,

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© Kelly Sundsvold and, 2016

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