Not About the Show


“Wow, she just killed that solo on Sunday!” or “His voice is amazing, he really brought it!”

He brought what? His Bible? The Holy Spirit?

And what was “killed”? The guitar? Was there a tragedy on the stage?

Have you heard these phrases thrown around in the worship community? They may be just phrases said to encourage the person leading the song, but where do they point people’s attention: to God or to people?

Our songs can’t bring Jesus, He’s already present, are you?

The worship team can’t make the Holy Spirit move, He’s already in the church. We don’t ever have power over the Holy Spirit; He’s already moving through the church. The question needs to be: do you, as an individual, have a willing heart to receive Him?

The songs we sing aren’t just melodies and words on a page or screen; they are prayers to God. Our worship can be public or private. In public, corporate worship, even though it is still among a community of people, God cares greatly about the individual worship: the individual heart of each worshiper.

In Matthew 6, Jesus teaches us how to pray. Before He gives His disciples a model of prayer, He empresses upon them what it means to have a more committed relationship with the Father. An example is to not fear, not to worry, but to be filled with hope by prayer that comforts our souls.

He says that when you come before God in prayer, don’t make a show out of your prayers. When you sing or speak your prayers to God, pour out your heart to Him. Don’t be concerned with what someone else is doing or not doing, or if they are doing it better than you. Sing your own prayers to God.

In corporate worship, bring your heart before God in humility. It’s not about the show, the lighting, the sound, or amps. It’s not about the setlist or whether your skinny jean are faded enough.

Worship is about your individual heart in alignment to the Father will. It should be brimming with praises and deeply reverent before God. (Hebrews 12.28) When leading people, point them to our Awesome God.

We want to bring our best and excellence to God during our worship service. But what is the motive behind doing your best? Do you want to give your best to God, or are you looking for an applause from man?

Getting an applause from people not what God is looking for from heaven. (Gal.1.10) Where is your heart while you are “bringing it”? Did the congregation see God working through you, or did you get in the way?

Servant leadership begins on our knees, and worship begins with God.

Before we step up to lead worship, we should ask God “Will this please you? Will this point people towards heaven?”

As worship leaders, we should always look first to seek His Kingdom; ask for His will; and be knocking at God’s door in prayer asking for His guidance. (Matt.6.33)

Servant worship leadership allows time for God to prepare our individual hearts before stepping up to lead His flock in worship. Let God cultivate your heart for worship before you step in front of a mic. Allow the Holy Spirit to move in you as you lead His people.

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