The Gift of Time


We all have bumps in our road that have led us to where we are today. Some of the bumps are painful and they have left scars; others have healed completely. Either way, these experiences shaped who we are as a person.

God is the one responsible for healing the wounds of life. Sometimes He does it by creating time and space to heal hurts. The critical piece to working through any painful experience is through the power of forgiveness.

In the story of Joseph found in Genesis, God reveals to Joseph at the age of 17, that he has a gift of interpreting dreams. He knew God had called him to a life of greatness. But Joseph, in his immaturity, didn’t fully grasp his gifts.

One morning, after Joseph had a dream about sheaves of grain, he started off sharing his dream with his brothers in this way: “Listen, to this dream I had…” –Gen.37.6

After this, his brothers hated him even more than before and plotted to kill him.

How differently the story of Joseph may have gone if God had allowed him to become 2nd in Command under Pharaoh, immediately after his brothers had tried to kill him.

God allowed Joseph time to heal and forgive from the emotional pain of the ultimate betrayal of his family.

What Joseph may have felt after being betrayed by his brothers and sold into slavery: :

  • Bitterness
  • Anger
  • Resentment
  • Revenge
  • Sadness
  • Loneliness
  • Shaken faith in God: asking God “why?”

Because of Joseph’s continued obedience to God, He was able to shape Joseph to become the leader God needed Him to be. Joseph was a little immature with his gifts at the beginning of his development. But God allowed time to shape Joseph to become the humble leader who  would save the entire country of Egypt from famine. Joseph would then extend that same saving to his brothers who betrayed him.

God uses all different ways to shape His people for His mission field. Suffering doesn’t mean forgotten by God, and trial doesn’t mean God’s given up on you.

The trials that come up in life aren’t meant to destroy us, but shape and challenge who we are in Christ.

Looking straight into the face of a challenge we can ask ourselves, “is this meant to harm and destroy me, or is this meant to challenge me to look up towards heaven?”

Whatever is in front of you —good, bad, great, difficult— God has determined this step for you to help shape who you are to become in Him. He has our steps planned out, and gently moves us to each step in His process to create us. -Prov. 16:9

Our pain, suffering, and challenges shaped who we are. We can learn and grow out of our difficult situations.

Following the path,

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