Handmade for a purpose!


“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,

which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10


The birth of our second daughter was an exciting day. We didn’t know what she was going to look like, but went into the hospital somewhat expecting she would look  similar her older sister.

Her older sister was born with a head full of thick black hair, that stuck up in a perfect baby mo-hawk way. We kind-of expected that same hair-do for her younger sister.

Much to our surprise, when the nurse handed her to me and my husband, she had the most beautiful light red hair.

The red hair was such a joyful and unexpected surprise! As friends would visit us in the hospital, I would lift up her little pink and blue hospital hat to show her head-full of red locks.

I knew my daughter’s kicks. I had felt her hiccups and movements for the past 9 months. But seeing her for the first time, was a total surprise. But God wasn’t surprised. He knew He had created a little spunky red-headed girl, and He knows what she will become as she grows.


We are His handiwork: God made us. Psalm 139 says that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” He knit us all together in the privacy of our mother’s womb. He knew our hair color, our quirks, our talents, and our name before even our parents did.

God chose us to be His children and to do His works for the Kingdom of God. “For He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world to be holy and blameless in His presence. In love.” (Ephesians 1:4)

He knows all our habits, our thoughts and feelings. He knows what we think before we even say it. He loves us as His dear children.

Trust our Creator who made you wonderfully that He didn’t make a mistake when He created you. What we see as “limitations and flaws” are not meant to defeat us but bring us close to the one who made us without mistakes. He created each of us for His purpose, on purpose!

Paul admits in 2 Corinthians 12 that he had a struggle and he had an area that he felt weak. Whatever his problem was, it tormented him. He asked God to take away his struggle, but God said “my grace is sufficient.” Paul’s weakness was God’s strength.

We may feel that whatever character defects we think we may have are not meant to limit us. But they are meant to point us to our Strength in times of weakness, so that we can do the good works He’s prepared for us to do.

Ask God to show you how your weakness can help His Kingdom. Pray for Him to help you use your weakness to His advantage. Surrender it over to Him and allow Him to work through that area of your life.

Following the path,


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One thought on “Handmade for a purpose!

  1. RebeccaLynn

    I love this! I actually used Psalm 139 for something I wrote recently too! What a beautiful reminder! We are fearfully and wonderfully made!


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