About Kelly

Photo by JJPhotography

Photo by JJPhotography

Kelly is a self-taught guitarist who has felt the call to lead worship since she picked up her first guitar at age fourteen! Her parents gave her the name Kelly Christina, which fittingly means “Warrior, Christ Follower.” Little did they know how much that name would shape and define Kelly’s passion for ministry.

In addition to music, Kelly enjoys creative writing. In a college writing class, Kelly had a professor who saw potential in her writing. She pushed her to expand creatively with a pen and paper….or keyboard…and unlock the writer inside. She was encouraged to write from the heart and “let the pen fly freely across the paper.” Kelly took the wise words from her professor and continues to write about life’s twist and turns.

Kelly is a Contributing Writer for the blog Lift Up Your Day and is the Managing Editor and Contributing Writer for Worship Team Training.

_DSC5000 (2)Kelly also runs a successful cake business out of her home. She enjoys sharing her sweet creations with friends and new people she meets in her community. You can see some pictures of her sweet treats at www.kellysundsvoldcakes.com

To help burn off the extra-calories from cake-testing (hehe! 🙂 ), Kelly enjoys early morning runs with her friends, and working-out in the garage with her husband Shawn.

Kelly has been married to the love of her life, Shawn, for fourteen years. They have four very active and busy children. Two daughters, ages 13 and 12; and twin 8-year-old boys.

© Kelly Sundsvold and kellysundsvold.com, 2017

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